Serving Saturday at The Doorway

The Short Pump and Whyndham Mission Teams had a great time hosting lunch at The Doorways! What a fantastic facility they have there, the set up is great for volunteer opportunities and everyone who came to serve (15 of us plus 5 children) enjoyed our time together meeting the guests and serving them. We were already talking about planning our next serving time there before we even left. The guests we met were very appreciative and kind.

They warmed up and chatted with us as we ate together. Rob played the piano for a couple of hours (from set up until clean up), which seemed to draw in curious passer-byes and lured a few more in to eat. We ended up having an impromptu sing-along. One of the guests and his wife were hooked and had Rob playing old hymns as they crooned along with him and some others from our group. It was a very encouraging time and we look forward to planning to go there again and will definitely encourage others to take advantage of opportunities there as well!

by Tina Charles