India Missions Report

Here in the GRCOC, we are part of a global family of churches that has one mission: the Great Commission.

“To make disciples of all nations, baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and to teach them to obey everything Jesus has commanded” – Matthew 28:19

Although we are not physically able to go to every nation, we do have family of churches in many nations. The GRCOC has a special relationship with our churches in India, and especially with the church in Chennai. Every year we have raised tens of thousands of dollars to support the work of the Great Commission in Chennai. Last year we raised over $70,000 and this year our goal is $60,000.

On Mother's Day, we had the privilege to hear from Joshua & Rachel Daniels who are Indians and members of our Indian fellowship. Joshua is currently working in Charlotte, North Carolina, but they are planning to return to India sometime soon. They were able to share with us what life in India is like and the challenges of evangelizing an under-developed country, where only 2% of the people are of the Christian faith.