Leaders Praying in Community

In the month of March, the GRCOC has been focused on prayer as a congregation. The first week of the month, the emphasis was on the need and practice of praying in community. Families, small groups, and entire ministries have been going after praying together. It has been such a focus that the Leaders of the Northside region and the leaders of the Southside region met one Saturday morning in their respective regions to pray.

They prayed for individual ministries, for one another, and for the mission of impacting lives through the Gospel message. “Initially, I did not want to come," said one honest brother, "but after praying together, boy do I feel refreshed and bonded with everyone!” One mother exclaimed, “We need to do this more often!”

Prayer really is powerful. Join our services this month to catch the prayer fever!

Leaders of the GRCOC rejoicing after praying together