Alex Robertson's Story

Alex Robertson was baptized into Christ on Easter Sunday March 26th, 2016!

Alex is a Sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University. Last semester he had class with James Johnson, a young Christian who had joined the campus ministry the year before. James invited Alex to come to a Bible Discussion but Alex was too busy to come.

This semester, however, he was walking through the Student Commons listening to Christian rap when one of the lines challenged him to his core. “I’m all yours,” the rapper said. “Am I all God’s?” Alex wondered. The answer was clear when he really thought about it: no!

This realization led him to look up the Bible Discussion that he had been invited to. He went and met Jaraad Hines. Jaraad asked him if he wanted to have a personal Bible Study. Alex said yes. God worked powerfully in Alex’s life and heart, and the rest is history. He got baptized 3 short weeks later. It would have been sooner, except spring break got in the way.

His soft heart, simple desire to be transformed by God’s Word, and to be the disciple God has called him to be have inspired the Campus Ministry, and hopefully can inspire you. Make sure to meet him!