In a day and age where life is hectic, filled with careers and family obligations, we find ourselves running low on time and energy yet desiring relaxation, peace of mind, fulfillment and friendship. But where can we actually find all of that? The women of the Greater Richmond Church of Christ would like to invite you to our Annual Women's Day Events! This year there is a wide range of spiritual, fun and bonding events to be enjoyed. Find the event nearest you, and come join us as we make the time to connect with God and one another.


Bunco and Brunch - Building God-centered relationships
Young Marrieds

May 19, 2018 from 10:30am-12pm
1110 Village Views Drive
Glen Allen, VA

Contact: Angela Faraone 804.551.7804


Will you drink this cup (of following Jesus)?
Wyndham / Mechanicsville

May 12, 2018 from 5pm-7pm
5333 Lemoore Drive
Glen Allen, VA

PYOP Mugs, salad bar and short bible lesson with discussion.

Contact: Karri Messina 757.560.4854


Painted Possibilities: An Inspirational Paint Night
West End Married / Single Women

May 12, 2018 from 6:30pm-9:30pm
2154 Kelly Ridge Road
Henrico, VA

Cost is $15 which includes a wine & coffee bar and a chocolate & dessert bar.

Contact: Tina Charles 804.437.2482


Church Hill

May 19, 2018 from 10am-12pm
1109 North 26th Street
Richmond, VA

Cost is $15 which includes a wine & coffee bar and a chocolate & dessert bar.

Contact: Zakiya Owens 717.903.3776


My Rock, My Fortress
Fort Lee / Chester

May 19, 2018 from 5pm-7pm
11918 James Overlook Court
Chester, VA

Contact: Sabrina Morris 804.605.5248


Food & Yoga

May 19, 2018 from 12pm-2pm
4600 Millridge Parkway
Midlothian, VA

Contact: Deneen Josiah 804.405.3368


Ladies Night Out: A Time for Everything
Robious Corridor

May 19, 2018 at 6pm
3601 Vistapoint Road
Midlothian, VA

Come enjoy a short devotional, wine tasting, painting, a cooking class and snacks as we share a time for everything.

Contact: Sydney 804.426.5060


Bon Air / Forest Hill

May 19, 2018 from 10:30am-12:30pm
9103 Rattlesnake Road
Richmond, VA

Contact: Lindsey Trimmer 724.255.7737

Teen Ministry

Cupcake Decorating

May 18, 2018 from 7pm-9pm
13812 Citation Drive
Midlothian, VA

Contact: Harmony 434.209.7632

campus Ministry


April 14, 2018 from 7pm-9pm
VCU Campus

Contact: Priya 757.618.3059 or Makaela 571.288.8761