Today’s youth have questions, and they want answers. This school year the GRCOC Teens are tackling questions on God, Jesus, and the Bible while learning practical lessons on how to live as a Christian. Our goal is to equip teens with the knowledge and resources to help them mature in their faith so they can then share that faith with others.

As teens in today's society face many pressures from the world, we feel it is important to provide a safe spiritual environment where teens can be encouraged as they grow in their relationships with God. We foster that environment through Friday night devotionals, personal Bible studies, and one on one relationships with teen leaders who also serve as spiritual mentors. Come and join us for an epic, faith-building experience.

Beyond Ordinary

2018 ACR East Teen Retreat
March 16-18, 2018

The Teen Conference is a spiritual event for youth from middle school through high school. We welcome you to join us to learn more about having a personal relationship with Jesus through knowing how He lived and died to give you a life beyond ordinary.